Major League Division

The Major League division, of the Bellefonte Little League, is an intense, highly competitive division for skilled players. Player’s teams will have a mix of ages starting from 9 to 12 years of age. All candidates must try-out, during the league’s evaluation process. There is a minimum playing time rule (2 innings in the field and 1 at bat per game), however, coaches typically make every effort to provide more than the minimum playing time for all players. Coaches’ determine batting order and fielding position according to skill, safety, and contribution to overall team success. The Major League division is a commitment for both player and parent during the season. Official Little League International Tournament Teams (All Star Teams) are selected from the Major League division only.

League evaluation for Major and Minor League are typically held at the end of February beginning of March with the season starting early April and finishing by the end of June.

Note: Players 12 years of age, unless granted a waiver by Little League international, MUST participate in the Major League evaluation and selected to a major league roster. Any 12 year olds that fail to do so can not participate in the Bellefonte Little League program.


Major League Standings


* Clinched Playoff Spot
** Advanced to the Championship Series
*** League Champions

Team, Season Record, Playoff Record, Championship Record

Undines 15-2, 2-0, 2-0***

Lions 11-6, 2-1, 0-2**
Plumbs 13-6, 1-1* 
M&T 7-12, 0-2*
Knights 6-11