Parent’s Corner

Parent Roles & Volunteer Requirements
Why Should Parents Volunteer In The Bellefonte Little League?

Bellefonte Little League is an all volunteer organization. Without the help of parents and volunteers, there is no Bellefonte Little League.

What Am I Expected To Do As A Parent?

All parents are expected to:

1. Sign up for your team task/volunteer form. (concession stand and press box duties)
2. Participate in the league’s fundraising activities.
3. Help prepare the fields when your child’s team is assigned.
4. Make sure your child attend practices and games on time.
5. Make sure your child has arrangements for getting home safely after practices and games.
6. Come to games and practices whenever possible, volunteering to help the manager and team parent.
7. Set an example by demonstrating good spectator sportsmanship at games by:
     cheering for your child’s team, and encouraging all players;
     not criticizing or “razzing” the opposing team — this is forbidden;
     not criticizing an umpire’s call; this is unproductive and sets a bad example for the players.
     If you are knowledgeable enough about baseball to criticize the umpire,
     please sign up to be an umpire.

8. Stay informed of activities and schedule changes from the manager, coaches, team parent and subscribing to Bellefonte Little League’s website.

What can I volunteer for in Bellefonte Little League?

You can volunteer as a manager, coach, team parent, umpire, field maintenance and or league official. You can assist with Opening Day, Fundraisers, TagDay or Picture Day. You can help with registration. If you have medical expertise, you help us update our Safety Plans. If you’re familiar with websites and website management, we can use you. If you have knowledge of Landscaping or have a green thumb we can use you. If you have construction background we have some projects for you! If you have a financial background or good with numbers we could use you on the FOC or Audit committee. You can volunteer for many of our committees, ask a member of the board about any committee openings. Let us know on the Volunteer Form how you think your special skills or talents can help the League. Remember, no volunteer contribution is too small.

Are There Any Volunteer Requirements?

Yes, all volunteers must undergo background checks. Please click here for all the background check information and requirements you will need to volunteer.

Why Are Background Checks Necessary?

All little league programs nationwide are required to annually conduct background checks on Managers, Coaches, Board of Directors members and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with players or teams. Pennsylvania State Legislature passed a series of new state regulations for increased protection of children from potential predators.

The purpose of these background checks is to protect our children by providing as safe an environment as possible. Therefore, failure to complete and submit the volunteer application form by those required to do so will result in that person being barred from participation in Bellefonte Little League.

All information received by the league will be treated as confidential. Should you have questions regarding this requirement, please email [email protected]. Please click here for all the background check information and requirements you will need to volunteer.