League Policies

Note worthy league policies.

Protective facemask on batting helmets. Since 1988 the Bellefonte Little League required that all batting helmets have protective facemask, for all its players in the program. This policies came about from an situation in the Little League International Tournament play. A Bellefonte pitcher hit an opposing batter, by a pitch, in the face and the batter was sent to the hospital. The player required numerous surgeries, and to this day still has medical issues.

Hitting Sticks. 2005 The Bellefonte Little League Board of Directors passed a rule BANNING HIT STICKS for all teams within the league and any team that will be playing at Webster Field. This effects ALL Bellefonte League teams activities in the league including offsite practices. It is also in effect for the Bellefonte midsummer tournaments and ALL teams participating. This is for the safety of all the players.

Bellefonte’s Major League Division mercy rule is set at 12 runs for all league games played at the Webster Field complex.