League Presidents

A strong organization is held together with strong leadership. Bellefonte Little League would like to thank our past, current and future presidents, for all the volunteer time, sacrifices and work they have given to our League.

Tom Brezler 2022

John Miller 2021-2022

Bill Carey 2019-2020

Josh Brown 2017-2018

John Ellenberger 2013-2016

David Crunick 2011-2012

Ron Losch 2010

Mark Watson 2008-2009

Bill Grafmyre 2004-2007

Harry Robb 2000-2003

Truman Rockey 1996-1999

Barry Burger 1994-1995

Bill Benner 1983-1993

Donny Smith 1979-1982

Ron Clevenstine 1977-1978

Richard Lambert 1974-1976

Frank Webster 1949-1973