M&T Bank

sponsor since 1959

Replacing Keckler Motors in 1959. Originally known as the First National Bank of Bellefonte this sponsor won 2 league championships 1960,1962.

Teams under Mid-State Bank (1965) sponsor name won 10 league championships 1966,1967,1969,1970,1978,1982,1983,1984,1988,1992.

Teams with the M&T Bank (2001) sponsor name won the league championship in 2014 for a total of 13 league championships.

M&T Bank has been the sponsor’s name since 2001

Coaching Staff

Team Manager: Larry Horner
Jake Hoover
Thomas Brezler
Nicholas Sproveri
Dave McClelland

Team Roster

Claire Hoover 12

Harrison Hoover 12

Lucah Sproveri 12

Tate Strohm 12

David Anderson 11

Elliott Brezler 11

Braxton McClelland 11

Hunter Englert 10

Tanner Cain 9

Crew Cunningham 9

Thomas Terza 9